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Home is all about connection. Our members have access to events and dinner nights. You're always invited, but never obliged. The member social and professional network spans 50 members and 500+ alumni who are all driven, curious creators with unique stories who are making an impact on the world. 

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Not the place. The feeling.
Haas membership includes a clean, comfy home with a fully stocked kitchen, with basics like juice, milk, eggs, rice, fruit, cereal and bread always stocked. You'll have access to a thoughtfully designed common area, and custom private spaces. The bathroom  is always clean, and never runs out of toilet paper. 

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You're going to be living in the middle of all the action. Explore the Bay Area's innovative art and tech culture on your own, at our free membership events, or out and about in the city with welcoming new friends who share your goals and interests.

Home ...to grow.

Whatever you are focused on in life, be it a bootcamp, to launch a company, study, or a great new career, we got the supportive home and community covered. Simplify your life. Focus on what matters, and be great at it. Most importantly, come home to people who care, and neighborhood that looks out for one another.

Membership is all inclusive. From wifi, utilities, furniture, home basics, sheets, towels, furniture and fresh yummy snacks. Best yet, membership is 'access' to home, not anchoring yourself down to one physical space, city, or Country. After all, home is not a place, it's a feeling. Now that feeling goes where you are.

Home... that goes with you. 


If you are looking

for inspiration, new friends, new experiences and a new life (Haas) is a perfect place for you. It's 

really comfy and you will have a lot of fun with the weekly events!

-Sergio Castañeda, Bogotá Colombia


The best decision ever!

I was in San Francisco to begin my own startup and the place was very nice, cozy,  an awesome blend of cultures, something really beneficial to network.

I couldn't be happier with such an experience! 

-Naif Alharthi 

Boulder Colorado

...checked all my boxes for what I needed in a place. It was clean, in a nice neighbourhood, close to transportation, convenient and affordable. On top of that, the place is very inspirational. This place is a hub for talented and ambitious people. I feel inspired after having stayed there ...I would definitely recommend this place to any of my friends and would join again.

--JP Alderman,

Las Vegas Nevada