Hi there! 

Welcome to haas! Got questions? We got answers. In order to best help you and kick of the process of deciding if Haas is right for you is to follow the steps below. It's super simple and free flowing, we promise! We pride ourselves in human first interaction and don't rely on any blind algorithms to determine who gets in and who doesn't. You meet us, we meet you. That's it!

1) Say hello!  Apply via the form below to help us get to know you, and someone will be in contact with you via email or messenger to show you around your membership options, and of course give you more select access to information and pics of our homes. 

2) Meet the gang! After digital intros, you are invited to hang out at one (or more?) of  our homes weekly dinners, where you'll meet more of the team and some of our members. Dinner nights are casual, just bring yourself, we'll do the rest.  If you aren't local, no worries. We can set up a video hangout with the home you're looking to start your membership in. 

3) Pick your membership tier! We offer a variety of membership based living options to ensure home is a place for you to grow, not lock you down. 

4) Get access! We'll be there to welcome you when your membership officially begins. You'll get a warm welcome to your home and the larger crew across our mini neighborhood. 

Still have questions? Applying is the best way to get our attention but if you really, really, just wanna chat Facebook Messenger will get you one of us pretty quick. Or if you are on the shy side, our FAQ may have some of the answers you're looking for.