Frequently asked questions

How much is the membership?

The great thing about Haas is that it's flexible! We offer a sliding scale of membership starting from $1200/month. Haas Startup Home Membership $1200 month to month. No commitment. Haas Home Premium Membership Tiers $1200/month - 12 month plus commitment $1300/month - 6 month plus commitment $1400/month - 2 month commitment* $1500 - Rolling month to month * *Short-term options under 6 months only available for a homebase in select homes. SF Access Pass 3 month commitment - $1100 /month. Haas subsidized membership in our premium homes (Haas Core) for those in need of a leg up. We are all better off if everyone can reach their potential. Tell us your story and why access and support in SF is important to you. Private Room Membership From $1900 *conditions apply

What's included? (Hint: everything)

In addition to clean, curated coliving spaces arranged with relaxation and comfort in mind, Haas members all get plugged into a vibrant international community from day one. Key things you'll enjoy: * Co-working spaces (2 main ones in the network. 1 having 360 views of SF and the bay) * Gym (6 in the network) * Roof top teraces and BBQ Areas * Rock climbing wall * Basket Ball Court * Games Rooms * Base Communal Food stocked in all homes * Dedicate Team plugged into each of the homes - No roommate drama & fight over dishes * All basics to run the home provided. You just show up and live. From laundry soap to toilet paper, its just there when you need it. * Weekly home resets and cleaning service * All bedding and linens provided. * Events budget members can use to host events. * Weekly no pressure home dinners and hangouts. Join us, or go hide away from a long day. Its up to you when you connect! * Parcel delivery (no waiting between 9 and 5 for FedEX to NOT show up). *... more perks in the works!

What does the co-living room setup look like?

Each bedroom includes three to five of our custom sleep pods and dedicated member storage. The designs are simple and modern. Here is an example from our lastest addition to the fleet. There are more examples of the interiors of our homes on our Community page.

Are the coliving rooms gender specific?

There are no hard and fast rules of who stays where in our community based on gender identity. Haas practices gender neutrality in both member selection and home placement, but we do take personality and temperament into consideration as much as possible when assigning bedrooms. As we get to know you during the interview process, we'll likely get a sense for the best cultural fit for you in the community. **Remember: We design our own furniture, so you do have your private space to escape away inside the rooms. Our fleet currently has our beta version Sleep POD solution, and now our SkyRooms. No clanky wide open bunkbeds here.

This is awesome! (It is). What's next?

It's a pretty simple process! Often you can even join the same day in time to be home for dinner. General flow is as follows: 1) Say hello! introduce yourself via this form. 2) Meet the gang! After digital intros, you are invited to hang out at one (or more?) of our homes weekly dinners, where you'll meet more of the team and some of our members. Understanding this wont always work, our back up is to jump on a video call and get to know eachother and then arrange a time for you too come by your choosen home to see for yourself.
3) Pick your membership tier! Tell us what works for your life, and we are sure to have a membership that works for you. 4) Get access! Welcome Home! We'll be there to greet you at your new home and make sure you are plugged into the larger crew across our mini neighborhood. 5) Live your life. Kick back and chill, or get back to grinding on your project. You do you.

We pride ourselves on being human first - no formulaic terms that protects us, and not you. We do this via good old talking and collaboration. Before all is said and done, we do have a digital conversation trail that backs what we are promising you, and your promise to us in return. Everyones covered, but we make sure you know what to expect by talking to you in language you understand.

Why Coliving?

Coliving is a lifestyle that prioritized access over ownership and experiences over things. People in major cites around the world are discovering that coliving inspires collaboration, serendipity, and authentic connection in a way that networking simply cannot. With basics like rent, utilities, home supplies, communal food and cleaning and home management included in membership, and community affiliation built in, colifers find they have more energy to spend on professional goals, hobbies relationships, and general thriving. Coliving environments are designed and serviced to inspire and empower and support creators, thinkers, and doers so they can live more authentically.

How do I become a Haas Home?

The easiest way is to shoot us a note via our contact page.

Our standard model of building up homes is to offer existing members an upgrade path to having their own private room. This means finding a modern 2 bed/ 2 bath unit they like and then letting us do the rest. In return they get a fully managed home, protected from the traditional roommates hassels (unpaid rent anyone?), while still getting to come home to great people and having room to yourself at about $1000 dollars under other market options. That's more money for you to do!

What about rent?

Haas operates on a model where we pool all the lease payments across the homes on our platform, and then bake it into the full membership fee. The benefit of this is it allows us to better shield anyone home from shocks when the unfortunate happens and someone does't pay their share, or when one home is mid transition with some homemates moving on. We update what this portion is periodically, but practically speaking for you, you simply pay your membership, and we deal with the ups and downs in the background. A portion of the value you are getting with your membership is the insurance against the unfortunate reality that some people don't care who they hurt or use after they are done with them. Now you don't have to deal with the financial and emotional pain this causes. We are you're outsourced punching bag!

Why the name haas?

We come from tech geek roots, and since we are moving home to the cloud, it's a play on S-a-a-S (Software as a Service), that was first popularized by today's heavy weights such as Salesforce.

H-a-a-s is --> Home-as-a-Service. And that's HOME, not Housing.